Civil defense

Euroheater for the Civil Defense

In a world of unpredictable situations and critical moments, the role of civil defense is more important than ever. Euroheater 4D helps ensure warmth, comfort and safety in the field where it is needed.

Mobile heating for demanding situations

The purpose of civil defense is to safeguard the civilian population. In times of peace, Civil Defense provides support with extra personnel and equipment to emergency services and emergency response agencies during major accidents and natural disasters. In times of war, Civil Defense is responsible for protecting the civilian population against acts of war and major incidents.

Euroheater 4D Civil Defence

During operations where crews are exposed to external stresses such as cold and wind, our Euroheater mobile heating solutions can come into play. Euroheater delivers mobile solutions to several European countries and other important units such as defense and rescue units.

Euroheater 4D Civil Defence

Art. no. EH-001

When heat is important

For Civil Defense, the need for reliable heat output and comfort is essential to maintain morale and efficiency. Euroheater 4D is the portable heating solution customized to meet these needs, whether it's at an operations command post or temporary heating in harsh conditions.

Our mobile heating solutions are tailored to meet the requirements of the Civil Defense, ensuring crews have the necessary warmth and safety they need, wherever they may be. From rescue operations at emergency scenes to supporting patient wellbeing, Euroheater 4D is a reliable partner that steps in when it matters most.


Choose Euroheater 4D as your partner for warmth, safety and protection. Together we stand strong in the service of our country and our common security.

Latest news

Norwegian Military Logistics Forum

During the Armed Forces Logistics Conference on May 6-7 at Gardermoen, Euroheater's mobile air heaters will be showcased. It is our partner, Oskar Pedersen AS, who will showcase these innovative products.

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Benefits of Euroheater 4D Civil Defense

There are many good reasons to choose a Euroheater air heater

High quality

The only multifunctional air heater/emergency heater in Europe, with quality standards from Canadian and European expertise.

Developed for demanding applications quality

Developed without compromise for efficiency and safety. Specially designed for rescue services, civil security, military operations and quality-conscious consumers.

Reliable partner

US and Canadian military air warmer since 2015.

Burner technology and electronic components

We maintain European quality standards for both burner technology and electronic components.


Our machines are CE-approved.

Flexible fuel

Our air heater provides versatility with fuel options such as diesel, kerosene and F34 (the defense's own fuel standard).

Heat capacity

The air heater has a 7.5 liter tank. At low power (1 kW), it provides up to 65 hours of heat, equivalent to 3 days. At full power (4 kW) it provides 15 hours of heat.

Safe and efficient power supply

The machine requires either a 12V battery or 230V power to operate the fuel pump and exhaust fan.@

Example of power consumption 10-57W power consumption = low battery consumption. For example, a 2.2 kW Euroheater battery pack (accessory) provides up to 200 hours of continuous use at the lowest power level.

Control panel

The air heater comes with an analog control panel. The panel is protected by a box that is water-resistant, dustproof and shockproof for reliable performance in demanding environments. It also offers the option of supplying both outdoor air and warm air, so you can customize the heating according to your needs.

Additional equipment

Digital control panel with temperature sensor gives you control from 0 to 30 degrees. Choose between outdoor air and warm air to adapt the heating to your needs.

The 4G module enables remote start for the machine, perfect for pre-heating before arrival. Increasing convenience and efficiency, always ensuring a heated environment on arrival.

Multiple heat hose modules provide the ability to distribute heat to multiple areas simultaneously from one outlet.

The personal heating module is tailored for medical and rescue purposes, providing essential warmth and comfort during medical treatment.

We offer customized solutions with optional air hose lengths to ensure that our products fit your needs.

EuroPower 2.1 kW battery bank Lithium AC AC.

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