Logistics conference 6. - May 7, 2024

Our Partner Oskar Pedersen AS Presents Euroheater's Mobile Air Heaters at Forsvarets Logistikk Konferanse

During the Armed Forces Logistics Conference on May 6-7 at Gardermoen, Euroheater's mobile air heaters will be showcased. It is our partner, Oskar Pedersen AS, who will showcase these innovative products.

Euroheater is designed to deliver reliable heat in a variety of military scenarios. Whether you need to heat command posts, troop tents, landfills or object protection, these heaters offer impressive versatility to meet the various requirements in the field.

Euroheater 4D is specially adapted to Nordic conditions. It is built to withstand the cold, humidity and harsh weather conditions that often characterize the region. This makes it ideal for military operations in snowy landscapes and cold winter months.

With Euroheater's reliable and versatile design, military units can be sure to have access to the necessary heat regardless of challenging weather conditions. We look forward to showcasing these innovative solutions at the conference and offer the opportunity to explore Euroheater's mobile air heaters further.

See our website for more information on how Euroheater can support your military operations.

Euroheater AS

Euroheater AS is a leading provider of mobile heating solutions, dedicated to delivering reliable and efficient products for military and professional applications. The company focuses on innovation and technology to meet the ever-changing needs of the defense and security sector.

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