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For over 20 years, the founder of EuroHeater AS and several other companies have worked with various innovative solutions for demanding arctic winter conditions. This requires experience and have done it myself... many times!

My name is Carl Ronny Olsen (Calle), and I have a background as a business developer and innovator for a number of winter products. These products have been distributed in over 7 cold countries. Previously, I worked for the defense and for many years have traveled to cold arctic areas, often under very demanding winter conditions. This has made great demands on equipment and quality when it comes!

My experiences with good solutions for producing mobile heat in cold conditions have proven to be limited!

A product that produces heat with petroleum products and subsequent exhaust gases, which in turn are released, can ultimately lead to death if this is not handled correctly.

In Europe, there are no good solutions produced for mobile heating. What is available are cheap alternatives produced in the East. These solutions did not meet my requirements for a reliable product in terms of intrinsic safety (exhaust gases), service life and, not least, a guarantee from a manufacturer.

Based on this, EuroHeater was born:




Ease of use

Flexible energy

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