CanHeat 4D-22

4.0 kw

Developed for military users, Canheat Tactical aims to provide soldiers with mobile warmth during cold weather to increase comfort in the field and improve combat performance.

CanHeat 4D-22

4.0 kw

Developed for military users, Canheat Tactical aims to provide soldiers with mobile warmth during cold weather to increase comfort in the field and improve combat performance.


CanHeat tactical military heating system

The product was developed in Canada at the request of the US Marines who needed to provide their soldiers with a solution for a mobile and portable heating system that had to be easy to use and deliver the necessary quality in relation to many users in many different scenarios around the globe in different climate zones. The requirements had to be compatible with NATO standards and be able to extract power from various power sources with 12V/110V/230V with standard NATO connections and that the system could also be used on NATO's own battery systems.

Canheat Tactical info:

CanHeat 4D-22

Art. no. EH-Can-01

Canheat Tactical - portable air heater for military applications

With air heaters from Canheat, you get quality built for arctic and cold climates, as your trusted partner that delivers safe and secure heat for consumers in different scenarios you need. Our products are portable, so you can easily carry it with you or have the unit in use at a fixed location. When it's cold outside, cold and humid air is converted into dry and comfortable heat without moisture and condensation problems, easily and safely for you as a professional user.

This machine gives you heat in an economical way, tested under the toughest conditions, flexible operating modes provide increased flexibility for the operator and best of all you do not need a heating guard, the heat source is outdoors and HSE is taken care of for the individual in a safe and good way.

Canheat is small in size, but effective as few and favorable in operation over other expensive energy sources. The system easily fits in a car or other vehicle you operate as a soldier, alternatively put it on a pack frame bag for personal transportation or put it in one of our molle systems for mounting inside or outside a vehicle.

You choose, the possibilities are many.

Canheat is Europe's answer to mobile tactical heating for all professional military departments

How Canheat Tactical works

Fill up the tank of your Canheat Tactical machine with fuel such as diesel, construction diesel, kerosene or defense fuel F-34 with a maximum of 7.5 liters.

The Canheat Tactical machine should always be placed outdoors and the machine sucks in cold and raw air from the outside and heats it up to dry and temperate air without moisture (you choose the temperature yourself via the control box that comes with the machine and the machine blows out dry hot air via a 3-meter long industrial hose that can withstand tough treatment, is flexible and retains heat well. You insert the end of this air tube into the object you want to heat.

The brushless fan heater provides favorable circulation and delivers up to 168 m3 of air per hour, ensuring even heat distribution. Our brushless motors are designed for long life and low power consumption.

Some benefits

NATO systems

CANHEAT is set up with NATO connectors to be part of the integration with existing installations and vehicles.

All parts and components in this product are intended for tough use in demanding environments, but are designed so that the individual soldier can operate the machine with ease.


Canheat Tactical consists of 3 cases with military specifications

One is the air heater itself, the second is the control box from which you control the system and the third is the case for the two air hoses that are included.

The air heater is always located outdoors and the supplied wiring harness is connected to the control box, which is always located indoors in the object you want to heat.

Attach the air hose and insert the end piece into the object you want to heat and press the start button.

If you use the machine on batteries only, the machine will consume power from the first battery and seamlessly use all 3 batteries in succession as they run out. Each battery works for up to 7 hours at full power, giving you 21 hours of operation. Discharged batteries can be recharged.

Alternatively, you can use the machine on 12V/110/230 V to power the burner itself and the exhaust fan.

Our products are carefully designed for robust and safe operation for consumers in demanding conditions and could be a breakthrough tool for comfort or ultimately save lives!


We offer a 1-year product warranty from the date of purchase in Europe to professional consumers.

Comes complete as the following 3 portable cases

  • Canheat Tactical air heater MIL SPEC
  • Canheat Tactical management case MIL SPEC
  • Canheat Tactical with 2 x 3 m air hoses with quick coupling MIL SPEC
  • Canheat Tactical 3 meter industrial polar cable 12V with NATO plug
  • Canheat Tactical 3 meter industrial polar cable 230V Europe with NATO connector
  • Canheat Tactical Industry inverter and softwear system
  • Canheat Tactical 7.5 liter fuel tank mounted on air heater
  • Norwegian and English user guide
  • Designed for professional soldiers in demanding conditions

Accessories - optional extras

  • Canheat Tactical Bren Tronics BB-2590 rechargeable batteries NATO STD
  • Canheat Tactical Bren Tronics battery charger
  • Canheat Tactical protective cover in waterproof material and protective
  • Canheat Tactical packing chisel for carrying on the back during transfers.
  • Canheat Tactical dollies for transporting Canheat Tactical machines on vehicles
  • Canheat Tactical CO and Kullos alarm to prevent accidents (Recommended) ALWAYS!


(CE-certified) in accordance with European legislation.


Canheat 4D-22

Technical specifications


12V - 17V DC; 100V - 240V AC



Heating capacity

1.0 - 4.0 kW

Maximum height

3,000 m

Lowest tested temperature


Airflow velocity

70 - 120 m³/h

Fuel consumption

0.12 - 0.5 l/h

Power consumption

10.0 - 57.0 W


Heating unit with accessories 15.0 kg

Power unit / Control unit 6.0 kg

Size (L x H x D)

Heating unit 622 x 457 x 330 mm

Power unit / Control unit 432 x 330 x 241 mm

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