John Inge Øglænd joins the Euroheater team

John Inge Øglænd returns to Norway after nine years in the Middle East. Øglænd has a broad military background and has participated in international operations in Afghanistan and the Balkans. He has also served several years at the garrison in Sør-Varanger and has been a squadron commander and operations officer in the armored battalion Brig N, so he is well aware of the challenges and what it takes to survive in cold areas.

- After serving more than 20 years in the Norwegian Armed Forces, I have frozen my days for the kingdom. Now I look forward to giving my former colleagues a warmer time in the field!

Long experience

In recent years, Øglænd has worked with international logistics and oil and gas projects in the United Arab Emirates and the Kurdish region of Iraq. He brings extensive experience in business development and management of international projects to Euroheater.

Øglænd's role will be to contribute to Euroheater's Nordic and European expansion. Euroheater is a lightweight and mobile heating system that fills a need that has so far been absent from the European market.

- The war in Ukraine has shown that command posts and various installations must become smaller and more mobile to increase survivability. The traditional and large command posts, such as those used during the military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, must be changed. A new and lighter heating system is needed," says Øglænd.

Emergency services, civil defense and others who need a lightweight and mobile heating system to save lives will also be in the target group for Euroheater.

Photo: Defense, Anton Ligaarden

- I thrive in dynamic and international project environments. I have a strong motivation to identify opportunities and develop innovative solutions in collaboration with our partners. I'm looking forward to moving home to Norway to contribute to this exciting work," he concludes.


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